FRAMES INSPIRED BY LENSES is the main motto of the FALL/WINTER Campaign. 
Perfectly matched frames with JAI KUDO lenses is an inseparable duo. The multiplication of the directions of light and shadow creates contrasts and gives the photo session an effect of mystery. Pieces of wavy glass appear as an element of the scenery, which complement the portraits in terms of composition. Objects behind the glass split into a beautiful, rhythmic image, offering the JAI KUDO campaign a unique atmosphere. A beautiful model of the JAI KUDO campaign spreads an aura of mystery and, under her gentle gaze, hides the dormant power of femininity.

Photographer: Aleksander Salski | BUKU TEAM
Model: Anna Zatoń | MODEL PLUS
Stylist: Maja Naskrętska
Make-up: Ola Łęcka | BUKU TEAM
Hair: Gor Duryan | SameSame
Production: JAI KUDO