Legendary color

Legendary color - Jai Kudo
The creative process is not only about inspiration, vision, but details. Details make perfection, and the most important are colors. The colors reflect character, evoke emotions and bring associations. Of the entire range of colors, three are especially important to us. We use them in our product to give them the right expression.

The first frame produced in our Polish manufacture was CAMBRIDGE. We were convinced that the cat-eye, extremely feminine setting would become recognizable and very desirable. The first collection, limited to 50 pieces, sold out in days, and the most popular colour was red, which thus became a hallmark of JAI KUDO Eyewear.
Since CAMBRIDGE, all frames have a red element, cube and end of tips.

The Cambridge model has confirmed our belief that Polish women are brave and desire unique fashionable eyewear that attracts the attention of their environment. Cambridge has everything; expression, colour, shape and performance. It took
a week to understand that we should create eyewear that stands out from them all.