Handcrafted in Poland

Handcrafted in Poland - Jai Kudo

In the north-western part of Poland there is our JAI KUDO manufacture, founded and managed by a lifelong enthusiast of the optical industry. Inspired by tradition, he says that his grandfather and father instilled his passion and curiosity in optics. With this passion he created a craftsman’s workshop that has grown and developed into the production facilities of JAI KUDO.
Our production could not exist without special machines which were design and produced in Poland. The end product is impossible to copy, it’s JAI KUDO.

Handcrafted in Poland
Idea to product


We are inspired by the world of art, architecture, fashion and our surroundings. Firstly, our ideas are born, and inspiration can come in every moment, during a walk through the charminging streets of the city, while watching a favourite classic film or meeting with friends.


TRUNIQUE is designed for the person who will wear it. Eyewear is often used for vision correction, so we take into account all aspects of the lens: thickness, curvature and destiny. Thanks to this, each lens fits perfectly in our frames, without losing the appearance and fashionable design.


We make over a dozen 3D prints for each model to measure and check how the final product looks and perfectly fits on people with different face proportions. When designing, we keep the accuracy of 0.05mm, thanks to which our fittings are so precisely done.


The material selection process begins at the Italian factories of Mazzucchelli and LA-ES in France. On site, we personally choose the pattern and color of the material and at the same time controlling its quality. Acetate is selected for each model separately, which makes ours collections even more unique.


The next stage of the material requires the precise cutting of acetate, for which we use a special laser, eliminating any imperfections in the material for further processing.


We combine red and transparent cubes with the help of micro vibrations and high temperature with the front of the frame. The material prepared in this way is then ready for milling.

Machine setting

The machine programming process is crucial. We make prototypes to the nearest tenth of a millimeter. Every detail, angle and cut must be precise and checked repeatedly. There is no room for error here.

Barrelling process

It is at this stage that the most important process for the production of our eyewear begins. Fronts - each cut front undergoes meticulous control for quality assurance to comply with our high standards. Only the approved semi-finished product goes to special drum machines that give the final shape, weight and gloss during the 72 hour process. In three different machines, the fronts are abraded using polish components such as: pieces of oak, rubber and paste. Our secret is to add the right amount of linseed oil to the process. The tumbled front only needs a first fitting and is ready for manual polishing. Once the barrelling process of the fronts is completed, they are prepared for the mounting of the front hinge, and for the next polishing process. Temple machining is carried out with the same precision as milling the fronts. Then, with the help of a special machine, which we commonly call ‘hot claw’, a hole is drilled, enabling the use of replaceable Visottica spring hinges. Barrelling, abrasion and polishing of the temples is very similar to that of fronts.

Manual polishing

The most important process during the entire production - manual polishing. Before polishing, craftsmen once again check the quality of the fronts and temples. If all components pass quality control, they are thoroughly polished by hand for nearly 10 minutes. The whole process takes place in near sterile conditions.

Manual assembly

One of the final stages of production is particularly important. As one of a few eyewear brands we can boast of the manual assembly of our frames. Actually handmade. Each screw is fastened by hand with precision and accuracy. And at this stage every step of the frame production is finely inspected by our specialists for quality assurance.

Hand Finished

Hypoallergenic paint is applied, marking our brand and model names to the finished frame, followed by lens assembly, temple shaping and finally the last detailed inspection. Now our eyewear is ready to sell.

Handcrafted in Poland

In June, the rural landscape of Poland is covered by blue fields of flowering flax plants, waving in the wind like the Baltic Sea touched by a delicate sea breeze. Flax, forgotten over the past decades, is slowly returning to favor. Linseed oil is used in the process of polishing our eyewear. It is thanks to this natural cold-pressed oil squeezed from golden flax seeds that our frames feature a remarkable natural shine, are silky smooth and extremely pleasant to the touch.
Handcrafted in Poland naturally! - Trunique